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Glasgow as seen by Wendy North
Blog post

I think it’s always difficult when you go somewhere new to think of anything other than one-off images unless you have some kind of plan in mind.

On our first morning in the city Iain walked us around the main shopping area and I simply used my camera as I might a sketch book, to record the sites and scenes as they unveiled themselves.  This is a way of working that many photographers adopt, David du Chemin and Joe Cornish come to mind. 

Because I’m limited for space I’d like to share with you a few selected highlights from the five days we spent there. 

Over the last few years my interest in working with `projects’ has increased and yet one of the issues that arises when we visit new places is that successful projects involve more than one visit to a place and often need quite a bit of research alongside.  Something that simply can’t happen with one-off visits. 

So what for me were the highlights of the 5 days?  I’ve chosen to group them into the following categories:

`The writing’s on the wall’, people, design and pattern.

Graffiti scrawled on walls near to Central Station; writing on the wall and a young person engrossed in mobile technology; 

Gay Pride which was fun and colourful and a pleasure to be part of, contrasted with the Orange Order March which felt very militaristic and lacking in any joy.

We visited the `House for an Art Lover’ which showcases the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

One set of images were taken using my camera  and include some of my favourite Mackintosh designs.  The panel was then put together using an App called `In-collage’.  The other set I photographed  using my iPhone7 with an app called Photosplit.  I find this a really fun `app’ to use and it works with my older phone.  I love the abstract shapes I’ve captured here and the way they work as a panel.

The final location where I had fun with my phone was in the Queens Street station on our last afternoon.

Once again I was attracted to the patterns and shot my images using a mix of camera and iPhone  I used these images to create a `Flag Book’ where the top line of images turn as you turn the bottom ones.  A comment at the meeting in York about the number of red crosses and closure of platforms got me thinking and as we were there at the time of a rail strike I chose to weave a social documentary strand into the story which I placed on the inside covers. 

And finally, we spent time in the Necropolis, but that’s another story all of its own.

Glasgow Pride 2022 -

Glasgow Pride 2022

Glasgow20 Day1 2 -

Glasgow20 Day1 2

Glasgow2 Ppimages.013 -

Glasgow2 Ppimages.013

Glasgow 20 June22 2 -

Glasgow 20 June22 2

Four members of RPS Contemporary North joined Iain McGowan’s group in Glasgow in June 2022 and then shared our individual responses to the city at a Contemporary North Group meeting on the 19th November 2022.