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POTY Competitions

Photographer Of The Year 2023/24

Following a successful change to the format last season the competition for 2023/24 Photographer of the Year will again be run on the format described below.

There 6 rounds, 3 DPI and 3 Prints, with members able to submit 3 images in each round. Members can therefore submit up to 18 images during the season and their "Points" will be the cumulative total from their best 12 images. This means that not all rounds must be entrered but obviously the more rounds you enter the more chances to get good scores you accumulate. There will be a league table published in the "Members Area" but "It's Never Over Till It's Over".

We use PAGB/YPU Category definitions where possible and these can be found by clicking the link below.


Rounds and Submission Dates

  1. Open Mono (DPI) - 26th April 2023
  2. Open Colour (Print) - 24th May 2023
  3. Blue - (DPI) - 27th September 2023
  4. Travel - (Print) - 27th October 2023
  5. Sport/Active (DPI) - 3rd January 2024
  6. Macro (Print) - 24th January 2024