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Competition entries

Abandoned -


All Aboard -

All Aboard

Another Place -

Another Place

Barcode -


Birthplace -


Black Tor -

Black Tor

Blackrock Cottage -

Blackrock Cottage

Bon Voyage -

Bon Voyage

Christmas Rose -

Christmas Rose

Church In The Valley -

Church In The Valley

Con Duck Tor -

Con Duck Tor

Deans Mine -

Deans Mine

Digley Reservoir Overspill -

Digley Reservoir Overspill

Empty Warehouse -

Empty Warehouse

Every Cloud -

Every Cloud

Ghost Dancer -

Ghost Dancer

Gi Joe -

Gi Joe

Glasgow Cranes -

Glasgow Cranes

Head Sculpture -

Head Sculpture

Hodge Crater -

Hodge Crater

Homeward Bound -

Homeward Bound

Ice And A Slice -

Ice And A Slice

Laurel And Hardy -

Laurel And Hardy

Lets Go -

Lets Go

Mageroysundet Strait -

Mageroysundet Strait

Maman Sculpture Ahead -

Maman Sculpture Ahead

Metalwork In The Park -

Metalwork In The Park

Ocean Spray 66 -

Ocean Spray 66

One Man And His Dog -

One Man And His Dog

Pit Stop Ponies -

Pit Stop Ponies

Rain Stopped Play -

Rain Stopped Play

Reach For The Sky -

Reach For The Sky

Richard Mcardle -

Richard Mcardle

Santorini Umbrellas -

Santorini Umbrellas

Sax Appeal -

Sax Appeal

Seats With A View -

Seats With A View

Someone To Watch Over Me -

Someone To Watch Over Me

Soraia -


Southwold Pier Misty Morning -

Southwold Pier Misty Morning

Stewart In Contemplation -

Stewart In Contemplation

Studying The Form -

Studying The Form

The American Cemetary Omaha -

The American Cemetary Omaha

The Main Feature -

The Main Feature

The Mandolin Player -

The Mandolin Player

The Old Priory -

The Old Priory

The Potter -

The Potter

The Wait -

The Wait

Theres No Place Like Home -

Theres No Place Like Home

Time For A Drink -

Time For A Drink

Under The Pier -

Under The Pier

Watching -


Well Done Lad -

Well Done Lad

Who Are Yer -

Who Are Yer

Winter Mist -

Winter Mist